Noah's Ark

God looked at the earth and saw how everything had deteriorated. He said, “I will put an end to mankind” to Noah bestowed him with an important task: “Build yourself an ark. Once you have done that take a couple, one male and one female, of every living creature on earth and take them on board so that they do not become extinct. Then I will flood the earth. I will destroy all breathing creatures underneath the skies….” For forty days and forty nights the rain fell upon the earth. The waters rose, they propagated and the ark started to float. The waters rose to such a level that all the mountain peaks on earth remained under water. Afterwards a wind started blowing across the earth and the water started to recede. The sources of high seas, the covers of the skies closed. The rain rested. The waters started to regress. God said to Noah, “Take your wife, sons and daughters-in-law and leave the ark”. “When you leave take all the living creatures, birds, animals, reptiles with you. Be productive, multiply and fill the face of the earth. ”