5 Food Applications You Will Enjoy

We don't want to think about what food we will do every day. However, we cannot get rid of this idea. So, have we tried the applications that will make cooking more enjoyable? In fact, these applications offer you many suggestions about which food you will cook daily and recipes.

Let's take a look at 5 food apps that you can easily download and enjoy using.


Project Foodie (free) 

It is one of the most effective applications that you will increase your culinary abilities. The application, prepared with the recipes of Daniel Holzman, offers you 5-15 minutes in a short time.


How To Cook Everything ($9.99)

The application, prepared by New York Times columnist Mark Bitmman, offers you being real chief opportunuties wtih certificatifications and also there are many various of cooking.


SideChef (free)

This special application, which contains more than 4000 recipes and these step by step accompanied by videos, will be your assistant chief in daily life.


Cookpad (free)

With this application, you can share your meals and recipes with your family, friends or other people or you can get suggestions from other people about the recipes.


Yummly (free) 

Write the recipes or names of the food you want to make in this smart app and direct you to the best cooking sites or shopping sites in the world