5 Most Popular Interior Styles

The choice of interior style must be approached with particular responsibility. After all, the interior should be not only cozy and beautiful but functional and reflect the hobbies of its owner. We present you an overview of popular interior styles.




This style has gained great popularity in European countries. People like it for its practicality, functionality and lightness. It is characterized by a minimal amount of decor, strict furniture models and a laconic design. In order that the interior does not look monotonous, it should be supplemented with bright accents. But they should be presented in a moderate amount of 1-2 elements.




This style should contain restrained colors and symmetry in the design. Choosing wallpapers and textiles your ascent should be ornaments and classical style. It will be an excellent solution. And you can make the interior warmer and more cozy with massive oak parquet. Use decorative forged elements and bronze figurines as accessories.


Scandinavian Style


This style is very popular in contrast to minimalism. Key feature is naturalness and environmental friendliness. For interior decoration can be used exclusively natural finishing materials and natural color palette as: beige, sand, white. This style is characterized by the presence of light colors, the presence of large windows - the more natural light in the room, the better it is. And don’t forget about light curtains to save as more natural light as possible.




One of the coziest styles. Wood should be used in it - It should be used as a floor covering. Furniture should also be made of solid wood. And it is best to use vintage or artificially aged furniture for this type of interior. For the decoration we give preference to the following color palette: mint, pink, lavender, beige color.



Despite its popularity, this style is not suitable for all people, and it does not fit into every room. First of all, it is suitable for creative people who like to experiment and do not like monotony. The loft style is suitable exclusively for spacious open spaces with high ceilings and large windows. The walls should be finished with brickwork or with plaster imitating concrete walls. Pipes should be visible.