Great Websites That You Want to Visit at Home Without Getting Bored

great site that allows you to read the content without paying when you receive a payment to continue reading

 A site where you can watch the lives of elephants, lions, birds, whales and many other creatures live for 24 hours with hidden cameras placed in the natural habitats of living things

site where you can select any period in world history and find a list of all the films made about that period.

site that shows how happy people around the world are by region

 site that turns your photos into renaissance paintings

 site that allows you to find alternatives for all applications and programs ... it provides to find free counterparts of paid applications especially

 site where you can print content you see on the internet without including unnecessary text and pictures.

 this site sends you to a random place on the 3D map of google and you play the game to guess where you are in the world by visiting the streets, streets and looking at the buildings ...